Sunday, April 24, 2011

Published! Music Videos "Spring Forth" on DVD!

I am very happy to announce the availability of "Four Worlds", a DVD of four of my computer-animated music videos (over 22 minutes of videos)... and for those of you who have seen prior smaller YouTube versions of some of these, the music has now been updated and re-recorded, and the animations have been embellished and re-rendered in high-quality full-screen DVD format... and there is even a new never-before seen video, "Game the System" making its premiere only on this DVD.
Four Worlds - DVD Cover
I have personally written all the music, created/textured/animated all the accompanying computer-generated video scenes, and designed the printed jacket for the DVD case. I have also recorded a separate video teaser/trailer, to offer a taste of what is on the video, in case you are interested in purchasing a copy. Note that the video below is reduced-size to fit on this blog page. If you wish to see the trailer full-size, you may wish to CLICK HERE INSTEAD to view it directly on the product page:

Here is the official "text" announcement:

Come journey through four different surreal worlds... some playful, some mysterious, all of them thought-provoking. Each video has its own original music soundtrack composed to go hand-in-hand with the video.

#1 - Game the System - Frolic through a video-game fantasy world of kaleidoscopic excitement. Will you avoid the strange whirling parasols? Can you count all 10 sneaky sheep?

#2 - The Cherry Orchid - Float through a garden of crystal flowers, growing in a serene liquid pool at sunset.

#3 - Nebula Spin - Stroll through the nebula-hood with three chatty molecules as they search for the nearest star.

#4 - Glacially Inevitable - Experience glacial beauty and inevitable entropy... where time and music seem frozen, and icy sharp.

This NTSC region-free DVD contains over 22 minutes of animation. The 4 videos can be played individually, or sequentially in a loop.
You can find more information about this DVD (including on-line ordering) here: - Four Worlds Product Page -

I hope you enjoy this journey with me!


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