Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Up for Promotion

One of the fun things about traveling and shooting videos is that I continue to learn about all sorts of things I never knew before.  It is a big world out there, full of all sorts of fun people with intriguing hobbies and jobs.  On our recent trip to Eugene Oregon while visiting the big "Black Sheep Gathering" fiber festival, I not only interviewed organizers of the event (see prior post), but also shot a couple of  interview/promotion style videos for some vendors at the show.  My wife and I thought these would be a nice personal touch to add to the vendors' web sites or blogs, giving other potential customers a much more engaging introduction to the proprietor and their products.  This is a new idea we are trying out here at SchwanSongs, and if you might be interested in a similar "video introduction", you may contact us (e-mail: video-at-schwansongs-dot-com) for surprisingly reasonable rates for such a warm addition to your on-line presence.

Here are a couple of examples of our work:

(1) Miryha Runnerstrom has a roving/yarn store called "Blarney Yarn", where you can order all sorts of gorgeous hand-dyed fibers for spinning/knitting here: http://www.blarneyyarn.com

(2) Lori Lawson runs her roving/yarn store called "Capistrano Fiber Arts" out of her home studio in San Juan Capistrano, California. We interviewed her up at the Eugene "Black Sheep Gathering" show, where she gave us a tour of some of her products. Her on-line store is at: http://capistranofiberarts.etsy.com

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Julia said...

My old computer is miserable at downloading these stories! My good (I use that term rather loosely) computer crashed the hard drive so I am on olde bessie. Drat.

But the yarns are so wonderful looking. If I only could spare the time to knit, if I only was not a spaz...